About Embodied Writing…



Join me Via Zoom on Saturday, February 13th for ART RAVEN Youth Bi-Monthly Process Group, from 10:30-11:45am.

The group is for adolescents ages 12-17 who have been impacted by the covid pandemic. Through movement, drawing and expressive writing, young people will explore their feelings and receive tools for coping with this remarkable time. After months of changes at school locations and or witnessing family members and community responds to the pandemic, processing feelings and more can help to restore a sense of balance and regulation of anxiety.

To reserve participation, fee schedule or questions; you can contact facilitator Yon Walls-Moody at yonwalls@gmail.com.


Embodied writing follows from an evidenced based method to facilitate healing from symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, relational difficulties, trauma and post-trauma recovery. Recommended in conjunction with regular talk therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectic and or Psychodynamic models for healing, Embodied Writing is a Mindful and Somatic Model of Healing based in Writing; Journaling, Poetry, Letter and Freewrite.

Coaching is a collaboration in which an experienced Coach helps to facilitate a process with you over time that gets to essential themes, concerns, behaviors and or inner states that create ongoing patterns of disruption and or dis-ease in your life. Through the writing process, new somatic and mental patterns can be created for processing difficult and or repressed emotions. Writing can also offer emotional regulation and a sense of personal agency to cope with strong, hidden or traumatic emotions.

Also during this Covid era as a collective, many are suffering from the anxiety of uncertainty that can impact one’s sense of identity, confidence and safety. Coming to understand the nature of change and embodying a new self can feel traumatizing, yet tools for change and being emotionally prepared to embrace its benefits is one of the gifts that embodied writing therapy can offer.


If you’d like more information about Individual and or group embodied writing and or would like to make an appointment to start, I can be reached at yonwalls@gmail.com or at 916-410-7453. An initial 30 minute informational session is at no fee. Cash, check or credit card are accepted. Sliding scale. Special rate for students.

Sessions are hourly and recommended weekly depending on individual assessment. Due to the current Covid pandemic all sessions will be virtual until further notice.

I look forward to working with you and helping to facilitate your change for healing!

Yon Walls, MFA, MA, CEC

Associate Psychotherapist & Professional Certified Coach

Sacramento, CA.

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